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Oxdog OPTILIGHT Hyperlight HES 27 black/teal

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Blade side:

Shaft length (Total stick length):

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OXDOG - boost your performance OptiLight MBC: OPTILIGHT MBC has the combination... more

Größentabelle Erwachsene

1,60 m bis 1,75 m
90 bis 95 cm Schlägerlänge (100 - 105 cm Gesamtlänge)
1,75 m bis 1,85 m
95 bis 102 cm Schlägerlänge (105 - 112 cm Gesamtlänge)
Über 1,85 m
100 bis 104 cm Schlägerlänge (110 - 114 cm Gesamtlänge)
Über 1,85 m
105 bis 110 cm Schlägerlänge (115 - 120 cm Gesamtlänge) nicht IFF zertifiziert, keine Zulassung für den Spielbetrieb von Floorball Deutschland und dessen Landesverbände
Product information "Oxdog OPTILIGHT Hyperlight HES 27 black/teal"
OXDOG - boost your performance
OptiLight MBC:

OPTILIGHT MBC has the combination of plastic with carbon in the trowel, this reduces the weight and hardness of the blade increases. The trowel impresses with its straight look and new design for flat passes and fast endings.

HES - High Energy Shaft

The new HES - High Energy Shaft - offers significant improvements over the old shafts. A 20% faster shaft reaction provides higher speeds. Add Touch Boost for a better ball feeling. Power Boost delivers 20% harder shots and a 20% lighter shaft for an even better balance.

Ultralight - Carbon T2500
The new Carbon T2500 reduces the racket weight to a low 206g. The stick lies perfectly in the hand - the balance is optimal.

The shot conversion is very fast - the ball flies hyperfast towards the goal.


Without additional weight, the focus is closer to the trowel. The 20g weight can be added later (not included)
Color: Black, Teal
Commendation: Highlight
Feel for the ball: 6
Slap shot: 5
Sweeper shot: 6
Shaft length: 101 cm, 96 cm
Total stick length: 107 cm, 112 cm
Blade side: Left shooting - right hand on top, Right shooting - left hand on top
Shaft material: Carbon T2500
Shaft form: Round
Flex: 27 mm
Curve: No
Weight: extra light
Grip: Ultralight Grip schwarz
Blade series: Oxdog - Optilight
Blade: Optilight MBC Medium türkis
Blade stiffness: Medium PP
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