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Unihoc SONIC Supershape Hockey 26 black/graphite

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Blade side:

Shaft length (Total stick length):

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AIR MOLDING TECHNOLOGY: With the technique of placing the shaft in an iron mold and then... more

Größentabelle Erwachsene

1,60 m bis 1,75 m
90 bis 95 cm Schlägerlänge (100 - 105 cm Gesamtlänge)
1,75 m bis 1,85 m
95 bis 102 cm Schlägerlänge (105 - 112 cm Gesamtlänge)
Über 1,85 m
100 bis 104 cm Schlägerlänge (110 - 114 cm Gesamtlänge)
Über 1,85 m
105 bis 110 cm Schlägerlänge (115 - 120 cm Gesamtlänge) nicht IFF zertifiziert, keine Zulassung für den Spielbetrieb von Floorball Deutschland und dessen Landesverbände
Product information "Unihoc SONIC Supershape Hockey 26 black/graphite"
With the technique of placing the shaft in an iron mold and then filling it with air, shafts in all forms can be produced. This allows many different options such as CURVE, HOCKEY and OVAL LIGHT.

95% Carbon, 5% fiber glass. 

The connection of modernity with the classics of Floorball past. SONIC brings a low concave, the slight bend on the forehand side brings optimal ball handling and yet provides optimal fit. The slightly curved frame supports as much as necessary, the blade allows optimal use of technical qualities. Due to the low bending on the forehand side, the backhand can be used optimally.
Color: Black, Grey
Feel for the ball: 4
Slap shot: 6
Sweeper shot: 4
Shaft length: 100 cm, 104 cm, 96 cm
Total stick length: 114 cm, 106 cm, 110 cm
Blade side: Right shooting - left hand on top, Left shooting - right hand on top
Shaft material: Supershape Hockey
Shaft form: Hockey
Flex: 26 mm
Curve: No
Weight: light
Stick weight: 227 g (96 cm)
Grip: Supershape Grip black
Blade series: Unihoc - Sonic
Blade: Sonic Medium black
Blade stiffness: Medium PE
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